About us

Dycomet Europe B.V.

Based in the Netherlands, Dycomet Europe B.V. is a company that has been fully engaged in the development and marketing of Cold Spray technology since 2006. When it comes to Low Pressure Cold Spray, Dycomet Europe B.V. occupies a leading position in Europe.

Although it is a relatively new method of surface treatment, Cold Spray is regarded as a thermal spray process. Dycomet Europe B.V. is committed to the continued development of this innovative technology into a widely accepted engineering solution for a wide range of applications. To achieve this goal, Dycomet conducts a lot of in-house research and works collaboratively with customers, research institutes and universities.

The main activities at Dycomet Europe B.V. are therefore:

– research into new applications;

– developing new coatings;

– the marketing of existing processes and equipment;

– acting as a technical advice centre for the Cold Spray technique.

As a result of the growing interest in Cold Spray, Dycomet Europe B.V. is looking for dealers with a passion for coating techniques to expand its activities and serve the market even better. For more information, please contact Mr K. Rozema at info@dycomet.nl.