Industrial Machinery

Cold Spray offers a wide range of applications relating to industrial machinery. It can be used in the repair of wide variety of machine parts or it can be integrated into a serial manufacturing process.

Examples where Cold Spray is used in serial manufacturing include:

⦁ Applying a ferrous layer to aluminium pans so that they can be used for induction cooking
⦁ Applying a silver layer to flexible copper bands for high-current applications
⦁ Applying copper to aluminium busbars
⦁ Applying a special coating to extend the service life of components/parts used in manufacturing processes

Examples of Cold Spray for repairs:

⦁ Restoring shape of moulds
⦁ Repair of cooling pins in moulds
⦁ Repair of pitting corrosion in flanges
⦁ Repairing fingers of a robot hand (grasper) in a welding process
⦁ Correcting imperfections in welds
⦁ Fixing porosity in castings

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